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Facebook Is Like A Public Restroom

I was feeling a little snarky today and this realization hit me: Facebook is like a public restroom Here me out: Facebook is basically a public service that everyone “needs.” Some people refuse to use it. Others only use it when they are forced to, and others actively seek it out and use it routinely. Even those that don’t use it still can’t completely avoid it as everyone talks about it, they see its ads and logo everywhere, etc.

Clear CloudFlare Cache from Lambda

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I currently use CloudFlare as my CDN. There are several reasons for this that I won’t go into now. One of the “ToDo’s” on my list has been to clear CloudFlare’s cache when I upload new content to my blog. I was finally able to spend some time and get that done. CloudFlare API To start things off I reviewed the doc for the CloudFlare API.

Change Outputs on the Nord Stage 2

The Nord Stage 2 has four audio outputs as shown here: You can send the various sections (synth engines) of the Stage 2 to the different outputs. This allows for more control over the mix and EQ at your output whether it be a recording bus, personal monitor, or live sound board. It’s a rather simple process. Shift -> System Use Program Page buttons to go to Synth Outputs Scroll to change to the desired output

Types of Keyboards

Having over 12 years of keyboarding experience I’ve played on numerous boards and have come to realize the various differences and nuances between the types. There are formal definitions out there and this list is probably not exhaustive, but it reflects my personal opinion. If you are reading this and are unfamiliar with keyboards this is a good place to start. Midi controllers: Make no sounds on their own. Plug them into another device such as a keyboard or laptop to generate sounds.

Case Study: SMTP Limits

It’s important to know your limits. In this case study we find a situation stemming from SMTP being throttled. This is part of the packet capture I received: The top lines show the previous conversation ending. SMTP successfully sent 3 messages. After the 3rd message the mail server stopped responding and retransmits began. This pattern was repeatable. More than that it was repeatable from other EC2 instances. The only thing between the EC2 instances and the mail server was a router and a firewall.

Alexa App for Kids

If you refer to this post, you’ll see that one of my objectives for this year was to develop an Alexa app for my kids. Well, I am happy to report this objective as completed. The cover art and the image below show the high level architecture. The app idea actually started based on something I was doing for my kids that they really took a liking to. Unfortunately, for this post it might be an idea that I could actually publish and potentially monetize.