There are 2 imprints on the pillow my wife uses for the twins. These imprints are from their heads and bodies as they’ve grown and been laid down in the same place for months. We are all like the pillow receiving imprints on our lives from those around us. Some people are around just a short while and we barely notice. Others we invite back repeatedly and the relationship can last for years creating deep and long lasting effects.

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I was feeling a little snarky today and this realization hit me: Facebook is like a public restroom Here me out: Facebook is basically a public service that everyone “needs.” Some people refuse to use it. Others only use it when they are forced to, and others actively seek it out and use it routinely. Even those that don’t use it still can’t completely avoid it as everyone talks about it, they see its ads and logo everywhere, etc.

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This is old news, but I recently found out that Jeff Bezos considered “Relentless” as a possible name for his company instead of Amazon. If this is news to you as well, you can read a short article about it from Business Insider here. Webster Dictionary defines “relentless” this way: showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace For some reason this word has stuck with me the past couple of weeks.

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Toys R Us

So, I had the Toys ‘R Us theme song randomly stuck in my head today. After running through it a couple of times I realized they are no more and we can’t be Toys ‘R Us kids anymore. We all have to grow up…depressing.

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Another great resource (GITHub) purchased by one of the big companies. We’ll see how this goes…”

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A wise man (my dad) once told me if you wanted to mow in straight lines you have to look at the end of the row where you want to end up, not right in front of you. This same rule applies to driving. It really helps to watch farther down the road rather than staring at the bumper in front of you. Funny enough, I’ve found this wisdom applies to life too.

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