There are 2 imprints on the pillow my wife uses for the twins. These imprints are from their heads and bodies as they’ve grown and been laid down in the same place for months.

We are all like the pillow receiving imprints on our lives from those around us. Some people are around just a short while and we barely notice. Others we invite back repeatedly and the relationship can last for years creating deep and long lasting effects.

More importantly, we are like the babies leaving our imprint on others. Our words and actions can have long-lasting effects; some of which we will never know. Those who choose to have us around long term we must treat with care and leave the mark that best represents us. For those just passing by, we need to try to leave them as good or better than we found them.

Most importantly, we need to choose who/what we serve carefully. We are all “slaves” to something. Our “master(s)” will not only leave imprints but can design and shape our lives. Do you serve God, your family, friends, job, money, fame, your hobbies, addiction, or yourself? We are creatures of habit and where we spend our time, resources, and talent reveals what we serve. Choose wisely.