Facebook Is Like A Public Restroom


I was feeling a little snarky today and this realization hit me:

Facebook is like a public restroom

Here me out:

  • Facebook is basically a public service that everyone “needs.” Some people refuse to use it. Others only use it when they are forced to, and others actively seek it out and use it routinely. Even those that don’t use it still can’t completely avoid it as everyone talks about it, they see its ads and logo everywhere, etc.
  • It’s shiny and interesting when it’s new, but swiftly collects dirt and becomes inconvenient. The novelty wears off.
  • Some people post their business politely and quickly and leave things as good as they found them. Others post their business everywhere, make a mess of things, and prohibit the next person from enjoying their experience.
  • While it works as intended most of the time it does sometimes leak.
  • There are cracks in the door that allow uninvited people to randomly peek in and see your personal stuff.
  • You can receive unwanted communication in the middle of doing your thing
  • Anything you leave is no longer your property and becomes part of the public domain. It’s difficult or impossible to get it back.
  • Along that note, it feels like you lose a piece of yourself everytime you log on.
  • When you leave though you feel a sense of relief
  • If you happen to step on a particularly sticky situation it can follow you out into the real world
  • You can wash your hands of your past experience, but you’ll be back and have to do it all over again
  • Mostly, it just stinks despite the owners trying to deodorize the place.
  • Some people stand next to you and try to look at your wall
  • There’s always that person on their phone while using it
  • Some just want to stand there and look at themselves
  • You’re always looking down.
  • Random loud sounds start unexpectedly

I’m sure I left a bunch out, so feel free to add to that list! I’ll come back around and enjoy what you write during my next visit to cough “Facebook” cough