AWS Immersion Day

This week I attended my first AWS Immersion Day. The event was hosted by Justin McWhirter []. The focus of the day was serverless, and was centered around the Wild Rydes Workshops. By the end of the day we ended up with a web application that looked like this that was built upon many integrated AWS services such as Cognito, Kinesis, S3, Lambda, Amplify, API Gateway, and more. As someone who spends my time generally focused on networking within AWS this was a welcomed change of pace and a good learning experience.

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Alexa App for Kids

If you refer to this post, you’ll see that one of my objectives for this year was to develop an Alexa app for my kids. Well, I am happy to report this objective as completed. The cover art and the image below show the high level architecture. The app idea actually started based on something I was doing for my kids that they really took a liking to. Unfortunately, for this post it might be an idea that I could actually publish and potentially monetize.

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Being that I recently took the plunge to a static site hosted on AWS S3 I thought I would create a post outlining the high-level process for future reference. There are quite a few blogs in the interwebs outining this process, but if this helps someone else too then it’s a win-win. If you are curious as to WHY I migrated, you can find a short bit about that in this post.

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