Performance and security is always a balancing act, but in the case of DNSSec it’s a no-brainer. In short, DNSSec allows a client to trust the domain owner when performing DNS queries. It’s another step to defending your domain (and subsequently your content and network) from the bad guys. An added benefit is there is no noticeable impact to performance! CloudFlare just released a great blog post on their DNSSec offerings and how they are expanding.

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The phrase, “I can’t access my shared drive” was intermittent, but becoming common for a remote location connected via an MPLS circuit. Without hesitation the finger was pointed at the network and my phone rang. People connect to shared drives everyday, but it is one of those things they take for granted. Behind the scenes there are many layers of technology, protocols, and devices working together to make those connections happen.

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For 13 years networking was my profession with a specialized focus on proactive and reactive performance analysis. More recently I have embraced the AWS platform. This blog reflects my experience both past and present.

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