Like many of you, I am watching the AWS re:Invent keynotes and announcements remotely. Being network and performance focused here are the announcements I am currently most excited about. I will update this list as the week progresses.

VPC ingress routing now makes routing to virtual appliances easier!

This is a much welcomed improvement as routing inside the VPC has always been a bit tricky and cumbersome.

Transit Gateway Manager manages and monitors the on-prem to cloud networks centrally and easier.

This looks like a promising way to control everything via a single console; especially if it’s free!

Transit Gateway Inter-region peering

Coupled with the TGW Manager this makes it even easier to retain control of your traffic and its routing.

Accelerated Site-to-Site VPN performance

From a performance standpoint this is amazing! The ability to move your VPN traffic off of the Internet and onto AWS’s backbone sooner is incredible. I look forward to trying this one.

Multicast via Transit Gateway

I find this to be an interesting announcement as I had pretty much written off multicast in the cloud. Maybe it will make more of a comeback with announcements like this. Something to keep an eye on as it moves forward.

CloudWatch ServiceLens

A potentially new way to visualize performance for applications combining the power of traditional CloudWatch logs and X-Ray.

CloudWatch Synthetics

There are many options for synthetic monitoring from homegrown all the way up to enterprise-grade tools all across the price spectrum. It will be fun reviewing this service and seeing how and where it fits exactly into the ecosystem. Being that it is another native offering it has the potential to be quite powerful.

AWS DeepComposer

As a musician I also have to give a big shoutout to a newly launched service called AWS Deep Composer! AWS + Machine Learning + autogenerated backing tracks!? I’ve already signed up for the beta!

There are many other exciting announcments around machine learning, quantum computing, high-performance computing, and more. The list above is very narrow to represent my current focus. For all of the exciting news visit