I generally avoid creating posts that are specific to my employer, but this is already public knowledge and it was fun to be involved even in a small way. So often us “packet junkies” only get to see the results of our work through the lens of smoothly flowing packets. If we’re lucky we might hear the delight in our customer’s voice over the phone or get a nice email sharing the results. Once in awhile though, we get to be a part of something a little bigger with real-world application. This was one such case.

A technology called “Command for Dozing” was on display in Malaga, Spain. In simpler terms, customers were able to play with a real-life Cat bulldozer over 5000 miles away in Arizona. I will not go into specifics, but this is a perfect place to ask fellow sharks how you would help ensure smooth delivery of video and control packets across a worldwide network. You can consider it a good thought exercise. Before thinking too hard, enjoy these videos I’m re-posting demonstrating the results!

UPDATE This effort is also contributing to our partnership with NASA!