One of the most common problems any IT admin faces is a software update. While software updates are generally considered a good thing, because they patch security flaws, fix bugs, try to improve performance, and more, they are also a common source of problems. Every admin knows to be ready for calls after a scheduled maintenance window. This issue was no different.   A ticket came in stating users could not access a web app through the backend system after an upgrade to Java 1.

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While the general rule of thumb is to capture at the client, or at least start there, sometimes it’s necessary to take captures at both ends of a connection. The client perspective will allow you to view the problem as it is seen from the client. The server perspective might show the same thing. Or, in some cases like this one, it will provide the reason for the problem. The problem was that a webpage wouldn’t load.

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For 13 years networking was my profession with a specialized focus on proactive and reactive performance analysis. More recently I have embraced the AWS platform. This blog reflects my experience both past and present.

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