Nord Issues

This page is dedicated to problems I’ve encountered on the Nord Stage 2 and how to troubleshoot and resolve them.

**I will be updating this page on a regular basis.**

A Sound is Stuck

Perform a Panic Reset

The best thing to do in the case of a stuck note or other parameter is a panic reset. This sends an “All Notes Off” message and resets some of the performance parameters. To do this:

Hold Shift and Press the 5th Program Button labeled “Panic” (image coming)

No Sound Is Heard or Output

A Section Parameter is Wrong

Sometimes the setting at fault can not be found. Maybe something else has been corrupted or otherwise canceled out and needs reset. In this case re-initializing the section back to defaults may be in order. See how to do that here(coming soon…).

The Outputs are incorrect

We generally have the piano routed out outputs 1&2. The Synth and Organ sections are routed to outputs 3&4. When the keyboard is moved from the main stage, we need to either run enough lines to support this or change the outputs. I outlined how to change the outputs here

The Synth/Pads Frequency Knob is Down

There is a frequency knob in the Synth section. This can dull or dampen the sound if it’s completely down. It could even cut it off completely. This parameter is also frequently controlled by the mod wheel located on the left side of the keyboard.

The Volume Knobs are Down

There is a master volume knob on the left. This should always be around 3 o’clock or more. There are also volume knobs for each individual section. Make sure the correct corresponding knob is at the desired volume.

The Volume Pedal is Down

Sometimes a “rocker style” pedal is connected. This pedal can control the volume. If the front edge is all the way down then this will reduce the volume.