Morph Wheel of Nord Stage 2
This can be used to fade sounds in/out by adjusting their volumes using a pedal or the wheel. You can even fade one sound in while fading the other out. It can also be used to apply effects, such as ‘wah’ to the pads.

The Morph allows you to control several parameters at once with one “source” You can use a foot pedal, wheel, or “aftertouch” to control different parameters or effects.

Set the Morph

Morph Assign Section of Nord Stage 2
You activate a Morph by holding one of the Morph Assign buttons and at the same time operate a parameter knob in the desired direction. The setting of the parameter in the program is the “first” setting, and then you turn the knob to the second setting, which will be the maximum setting that can be set with the Morph source.

You can double-tap a morph button to assign multiple parameters. One Morph Source can control several parameters at the same time. Morphs can also influence parameters in both positive and negative ways.

Clearing a Morph

Hold Shift and press a Morph Assign button to clear all Morphs for this source. To clear a particular assignment, hold the Morph Assign button and operate the control to remove the “gap” between the programmed setting and the Morph setting.