I have attended multiple Wireshark webinars presented by Riverbed and leaders in the field. They title this series “Return to the Packet Trenches” with some sort of variation or subtitle for the different sessions. I always walk away with something new. This latest webinar was no exception. It reviewed several CLI options for creating, analyzing, and editing packet captures. I highly recommend attending these webinars if you have any interest in Wireshark and staring at packets. For more resources I recommend or to see the tools I’ve created, please look at my “Network Performance” drop-down menu at the top of this page.

Here are links to their resources as sent to me in their follow-up email:

Wireshark CLI tools & scripting (by Sake Blok)


Presentation Video

https://youtu.be/IZ439VNvJqo (1:11:14)

TShark Command Line using PowerShell (by Graham Bloice)


Custom LUA dissectors to the rescue in root cause analysis (by Sake Blok)


Review the SharkFest’18 EUROPE agenda and other information,

For more “Packet Trenches”  resources, check out these links.

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